Dazzle yourself with Diamonds - Turn them in for Cash!

Rubies! Emeralds! Diamonds! All that glitter definitely turns into gold, lining your pockets with cash. Max bet on rubies (3 coins) earns a max of 20 credits. Max bet on emeralds(3 coins) earns a max of 30 credits. But Diamonds shine the brightest, max bet earning 50 credits, all redeemable for cash!

About 5x Wild Diamond Bonus Slot

There are only 3 reels and 1 pay line in 5x Wild Diamond Bonus Slot game. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. This dynamo of a game is power packed with money winning options, all designed to keep the money flowing. Wild cards, huge multipliers, free spin bonuses and progressive jackpot features keep the action moving and your cash piling up.

Game Play

Everything that glitters actually is gold in 5x Wild Diamond Bonus Slot. And you don’t have to flatten your wallet just to play. Players can wager 1 to 3 coins with a coin range from five cents to five dollars. Maximum bet on any one spin can be as little as fifteen cents ($.15) but never more than fifteen dollars ($15.00).

Beast Gaming, the software designer of this game, went a little bit wild packing this game with ways to win you cash. In addition to the rubies, emeralds and diamonds, 3 blue sevens nets you one hundred and fifty (150) credits; 3 green sevens gets you eighty (80). Spin 3 sevens in a combination of green and blue and you rack up sixty (60). The game goes really wild when the purple wild symbol and the jackpot wild symbol comes into the mix and starts substituting for other symbols to help you win! Any winning combination that one 5x Wild or one 5x Wild Jackpot is part of pays out 5x the winning amount. Two 5x Wild or 5x Wild Jackpot on the pay line multiplies the win by 25X. Can you guess what happens when the wild symbols line up three times in a row. You guessed it! Everything starts to go crazy! Three 5x Wild symbols, regular or jackpot, in any combination on the pay line, breaks the bank open at $4,000 credits. As long as the bet on that winning spin equals the maximum number of coins (3), all that cash is yours! It gets even better when all three wild symbols that line up are the Jackpot Wild symbol. When that happens, as long as the wager on the spin is the maximum (3 coins), the progressive jackpot is yours! That’s right! The jackpot that you’ve been watching accumulate, right before your eyes, whatever amount you see there…it’s all yours!

As if that’s not enough, there’s also the Free Spin feature. Unlock this bonus game by spinning the Free Spin symbol on the third reel of the pay line. Inside this bonus game, it’s easy to see how much you win. Just click on the spin button and when the wheel stops it will land on a number, anywhere from 20 to a whopping 1,000, and that’s how much you win.

It so easy to dazzle yourself with diamonds in 5X Wild Diamond Slot Bonus. But, as you can see, that’s not the only way to win!