Monkeyshines and Coconuts add up to Mega Money every time you play Crazy Coconuts Slot Game

Monkeys are throwing coconuts all over the island! But, it’s all a great big barrel of fun. Keep a strong look-out for all those flying coconuts. When you find them, they always earn you cash.

How to play Crazy Coconuts

It’s pure monkey business on a paradise island in this 3-reel slot game, designed just for you by Ace Gaming. Having only one-pay line keeps you focused on winning as bunches of bananas, lucky 7’s, coconuts and monkeys, line up when you spin. Game set-up is fast and easy. All you have to decide is how many coins to play per spin (from 1 to 3) and which coin denomination you wish to choose ( coin denominations range from 5 cents ($.05) to five dollars ($5.00). The maximum bet on any one spin is fifteen dollars ($15.00). The only thing left to do now, is spin! And watch the money roll in.

Coconuts Keep Falling on Your Head!

The monkeys are having a lot of fun, but you’re the one making all the money! Break open the coconuts for a payout - there’s always money inside. Spin one coconut anywhere on the pay line and you win 3 - 9 credits; 2 coconuts earns 10-30 credits; spinning 3 wins you 30 - 90 credits. It all depends on how many coins you chose to play. The more coins you play the more money you win. Playing three always wins you Big. Three coins played on a winning line of three same symbols opens one of many jackpots. How much you win depends on which symbol lined up in threes. At the very least you’ll win 150 credits (3 bunches of bananas) all the way up to 900 credits (3 red Lucky Sevens.

But the biggest win of all is the Progressive Jackpot win. Capture three crazy monkeys on the same pay line and all the money in the Progressive Jackpot is yours! How much will you win? You’ll find out when you hit! The money has been accumulating every time you spin. The more times you spin the more you will win!

Bonus Game

There’s one more way to win! Spin a Spin Symbol, (it has to land on the third reel of the pay line) and unlock a free Bonus Spin. When you do, lucky you! Because free spins can only mean one thing…more money, more money, more money!