Party Bucks Slot - Your own Personal Party where the Winnings Never Stop!

Big balloons and party hats light up the screen in this 3-reel slot game. One pay line keeps the winning fast and easy. No wild cards. No scatter symbols. No nonsense, no distractions. Just line up the dollars. And you win.

How to Play

If simplicity is its own form of beauty, this game is absolutely gorgeous! Choose the number of coins you wish to play (the number of coins can be from one to three). Then choose the denomination of coin you wish to play (coin denominations range from five cents ($.05) to five dollars ($5.00). To make things even simpler, just click on the Bet Max button and the game automatically programs each spin at the maximum bet of $5.00. All you have to do now, is click on Spin. But if you just want to make things crazy simple, click on Auto Play, choose the number of spins you want from one to one hundred, then sit back and relax. The game takes over and spins the reels for you at the coin denomination you already chose. All you have to do, now, is watch and win!

How to Win

You win by hitting one or more of Party Bucks’ multiple jackpots, including the BIG win, the Progressive Jackpot, whose dollar amount accumulates every time you spin. Three dollar symbols lined up across the pay line makes you an instant jackpot winner! Simple? You bet! Fast? Absolutely! You might just be spinning all night! There’s only one thing to remember. In order to win any jackpot, you have to have placed the max bet (3 coins). It’s still up to you which coin denomination you wish to play (from 5 cents to $5.00). The Dollars are Dancing! You made the Max Bet. Which Jackpot did you win? Which Party Bucks Jackpot you won is determined by the denomination of coin you chose to bet. The higher the denomination, the bigger the jackpot. Definitely something to consider when you’re placing your bet! But the BIG pot, the PROGRESSIVE Jackpot, can only be won by placing the Max Bet (3 coins) at the highest denomination ($5.00) How much will you win when you hit the BIG PROGESSIVE Jackpot? Since it accumulates with every spin, there’s just no way to know until you hit it. But you can be sure it will really be time to party when you do! With Party Bucks progressive Jackpot Slot, winning is as simple as three dollar symbols and the Jackpot is one spin away.