Explode into Cash in Aces High-Bombs and Babes lead the way!

The decade is the 1940’s. It’s the time of drive-in movies and late night diners, penny loafers, bobby socks, poodle skirts and cardigans. Movie theaters served the best buttered popcorn and apple pie-a-la-mode was the favorite dessert. If you love this time then you’ll love Aces High. Nostalgia will carry you away!

About Aces High

The sound of bombs exploding all around you makes the reality of war come alive. The skies are filled with World War II fighter planes manned by brave soldiers risking everything to defend their country’s honor. Ace pilots execute tactical maneuvers while dropping their bombs with precision. Targets explode into cash that rolls right into your pockets. In Aces High casino slot game, the only limit is the sky.

How to Play

Just load your bombs and fire away. Cash and credit is the target. Pin-up girls show you the way. Line them up in threes or more and everything they have is yours. Liberty-Belle and Hard-to-Get, both payout up to 100 credits while Any-Time maxes out at 80 credits. Choose your favorite Beauty and watch the cash roll in!

The Aces High symbol nets up to 150 credits but the Wild Card breaks it open at 300! The Wild Card goes even more wild when it substitutes for every other symbol except the Free Spin symbol and the Bonus symbol, boosting your chances of winning to a very exciting high!

The Free Spin symbol and the Bonus symbol are just what their name implies. Three or more of them anywhere on the screen activates a brand new screen which offers you mega chances at huge stashes of cash. Three free spin symbols open the door to 10 free spins. All winning spins pay out multiplied 4X! Spin three more free spin symbols triggers 10 more free spins. Every spin is another chance to win! Spin 3 Bonus symbols and every win pays 100x the bet times the multiplier. Does it get any better than that?

Yes! The Bombs Away skill challenge pits you against enemy fighters in the dogfight of your life. Shoot them out of the sky before they can fire on you and you’ll win big, big, Big with every successful strike!

Fly with the pilots of World War II and show the world you got the right stuff. Your pockets may be bulging by the time you make it home.