Carnival Wheel Slots - A Fun House of Prizes Every Time You Spin!

What could be more fun than when the carnival comes to town? Carnival Wheel Slots is a virtual amusement park of fun. Stay all day and come away loaded with cash and prizes.

Spinning the Wheel

Winning is easy in this 3-reel, 1 pay line game. Set your bet and spin. That's all you have to do to win! Toy balls, teddy bears and elephant symbols line up to win you cash and credits. Wild Cards, Free Spins and multipliers increase your chances of winning and add to the fun. The 5X symbol and the Midway Money Wheel both act as wild cards. One of either of these two symbols on a winning pay line multiplies your win 5X. Two each of these symbols on the same pay line multiplies your win by a whopping 25X!

Step Right Up To The Big Top! Where the BIG Money is!

Teddy Bears and Elephants keep the money flowing, every time you spin three you win. But that fades into child's play when you set your sights on the big money. The Mega win. Otherwise known as the Progressive Jackpot. A Jackpot that just keeps getting bigger, every time you spin. Bet the Max (3 coins at the highest denomination) then line up three Midway Money Wheel symbols in a row and the whole Progressive Jackpot is yours! KaChing! All that cash is yours! How much did you win? It's right there on the screen for you to see, right where the dollar amount kept going up, every time you spun the wheel. But wait…what if you lined up the three Midway Money Wheel symbols but you didn't place the max bet? What happens now? Do you come away empty handed?

No! The good news is that the Carnival Wheel slots game has more than one jackpot amount that you can win. If you played three coins (which is absolutely necessary to win any jackpot) you'll still win, just not the whole jackpot. How much you win depends on which coin denomination you chose to play. You see, it pays to bet big if you want to win big! Something to keep in mind when you're choosing what to bet.

Bonus Game

But the fun's not over yet. There's always a chance to win a bonus game. Spin the Spin symbol on the third reel of the pay line and you instantly unlock a bonus game on a brand new screen. In this new screen, hit the spin symbol, then watch the wheel spin. When it stops on a number, that's how many credits you win. It will never be less than 20, but it can go as high as 1,000. I think you'll agree - that's a whole lot of credits! When you play Carnival Wheel slot game, the symbol that says SPIN is definitely your friend!